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Valley Kingdom Ministries International is a WORD church a WORKING church and a WORSHIP church Our mantra is we are a kingdom ministry that is advancing the kingdom for the king VKMI is a Kingdom minded cutting edge ministry that moves in the apostolic anointing and marketplace evangelism The Valley as we are affectionately called is a blessed church that operates out of two locations in the south suburban area of Chicago Our praise and worship is headed by the Double Gold Award ministry Shekinah Glory who brought you such songs as Praise Is What I Do How Deeply I Need You Yes and Jesus


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eBlog: Four More Years

Four More Years! It’s election time again. Usually, the common mantra is four more years! This time, however, most people don’t want a repeat performance

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eBlog-Family Matters

Is it possible for families to really be strong without forgiveness, and for forgiveness to truly exist without reconciliation?   That may be a loaded

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If you have a prayer request, please submit it to us: Our pray ministry “Tephillah” will pray for your request and intercede on your behalf.