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Govermental System

To influence change in governmental matters by having a direct impact in culture/society.

The Governmental System, consists of the political institutions that rule the land including federal, state, city, county and municipal levels. The System of Government administrates civil righteousness and justice at multiple levels. It provides rules, regulations and power over our lives. As the children of the Kingdom of God, we must start to infiltrate the systems of government in positions where it counts, such as law making. Our influences must help bring God’s Kingdom agenda back in the system of government.

The flow of power should be from “The Creator” to “the people” to “the government”. The government was established to be non-religious but not the people serving in the government. The only way that Man could truly be free was to establish a form of government that allowed Man the greatest latitude to govern self.

To be free, people must choose, of their own free will, to live their lives according to the Ten Commandments of God, (the 10 Commandments were the first laws given to mankind,) whether in their private lives or while serving the people in the halls of government.

According to Paul, government is “ordained by God” (Romans 13:2) to promote justice, restrain evil, and protect the people under its care (Romans 13:3-4). The Ten Commandments express moral duties in a minimal and most general form, thus allowing maximum freedom in the arrangement of one’s life’s affairs. They are aimed at setting those boundaries which, when trespassed, can damage family and community life. Our Lord Jesus Christ in His sermons often referred to the Ten Commandments and explained their deep spiritual meaning. It gives Man fundamental moral guidance for the formation of personal, family and community life. Life shows us that as long as the government in its lawmaking guides itself with these moral principles and concerns itself with their observance, life within a country flows at a normal pace.

The ungodly spirits that are ruling in the System of Government are the Girgashites (Duet 7:1&2). Where God’s government is established through service and humility, Satan’s government is established through manipulation and pride. Lucifer sits at the top of this system where he specifically functions to stir and raise up whatever would defeat the purposes of God on earth. It is our job to unseat him and take back the power and authority given to us by God himself.

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